My experiences with Marketplace Pollice mobile app planning


In this text I will tell you about my experiences with Marketplace Pollice mobile app planning.

I this point I have to say, I had real dream team to work with. Our team of professional programmers: Jyr1, Tuukk4, J0n1, 54mp0 were really easy to work with. For that reason, sessions of brainstorming went really smoothly!

As you maybe already remember, Marketplace Pollice, our app, is about finding Oulu’s best tourist attractions more surprising and interesting ways. Our app is basically gamified version of traditional tourist guiding apps.

My part in project was about taking care of marketing, giving energetic presentations and sharing my vision to our developer team.

So, everything in the process of planning and developing, were really stable until progress stopped for… I think you already guess it… for COVID-19!!!

We understood, that if we want to keep our business going and get some users in this challenging situation, we have to rethink how our app should work. Luckily, we got soon enough a new direction.

We understood that technology will help us over these difficult times. 360-degree content have become globally more and more popular so we can use this technology also in Oulu!

So next step is to take our 360-degree camera with us and drive around the best attractions. New plan is this: We will offer exciting, virtual, gamified tour around Oulu’s best attractions for our users! I think no one has yet done it, at least not in Finland! Looking forward to seeing some results!

And lesson of the day is: Sometimes bad things happens, but same time it can work as a “black swan” to change businesses, products and lives to new direction. Without this crisis, these virtual reality functionalities wouldn’t been our priority. I’m proud of our team and specially how functional we have maintained, even middle of rapid changes.

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  1. I think only sure thing in the world is change so it is good to see that your group took it well! Would be interesting to see your app soon 😀

  2. Great post! I agree with you on modifying your business model and working methods during this pandemic. I think it was hard at first, but adapting to it felt quite easy. Keep up the positive attitude!

  3. Very nice thoughts on the group projects. You guys had some really intersting ideas for the devopment part!


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